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Worship is the heartbeat of the Christian church as you can see by the “Top 10 Reasons…” listed below.  Century after century -- week in and week out, year in and year out -- Christian people have gathered in communities of faith to praise, worship and glorify God.  During worship at The United Church of Christ in Keene, we listen to God’s Word in scripture and hear it expounded upon in timely and relevant, life-giving and challenging sermons.  We also sing inspiring hymns and songs of faith, and share the 2 sacraments of our church: baptism and communion.  Finally, nurture and dedicate ourselves to go out and live our Christian faith and values in our community and in the wider world around us, a world which sometimes does not adhere to, or even respect, our faith and values.

We at UCC-Keene consider worship the most important thing that we do as a church family.  Therefore, we have many opportunities for worship.  Some of them are listed here, other informal ones are not.

8:00am Chapel Communion

This weekly worship service at 8:00am on Sundays offers us an opportunity to share the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper each and every Sunday.  In addition, the same scripture readings and sermon that are used at 10:00am Morning Worship are used in this service.  Musically, Chapel Communion is different from other services, however.  On most Sundays, the guitar music and vocals of our Senior Minister, the Rev. Dr. Gordon E. Ellis, are featured.  He also provides several solo song each week, which range in scope from Taize-style chants to Weston Priory-type music, from contemporary Christian music to an occasional “top 40” song.

10:00am Morning Worship

This weekly worship service at 10:am on Sundays is traditional reformed worship, which includes primarily organ and choir music, congregational hymn-singing, monthly communion on first Sundays, and of course, weekly scripture readings and sermons.  Other styles of music are also used in this service sometimes: music by our 2 handbell choirs; Christian folk music by our church’s worship band; various classical and jazz pieces, as well as contemporary Christian music selections by instrumentalists, soloists and guest artists.  Most Sundays, except on the first Sunday of each month, the children begin in worship with their parents.  After the Children’s Message, they move to their Church School classrooms with their teachers.  On first Sundays, they begin in Church School and sometimes come into worship near the end of the service in order to share communion with the rest of the congregation.

Contemplative Worship

Contemplative Worship at UCC-Keene is offered seasonally on weekday evenings, usually Tuesdays.  It features candle-lighting, silence, prayer, scripture readings and quiet, contemplative music, usually in the style of Taize.  Contemplative Worship  is particularly popular at UCC-Keene during the holy seasons of Advent and Lent.